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About the Spanish Institute:

A Great Place to Learn Spanish!

Founded at the end of 2004, the Spanish Institute is a Spanish language school committed to the highest quality of instruction. Since its creation, the Institute has helped students in the metro area of Minneapolis and St Paul learn Spanish through modern educational methodologies.

At the Spanish Institute the students find a friendly and stimulating learning environment through full immersion  in the Spanish language. With a faculty of 6 to 8 professional instructors the Spanish Institute each year enhances the language skills of hundreds of students. The Institute offers group classes all year round as well as private instruction for individuals and for corporations.

The Spanish Institute is located at 5780 Lincoln Drive, Suite 160, in Edina, MN, at the intersection of Hwy 169 and Londonderry Rd.

Our Mission

The Spanish Institute purpose is to provide high quality Spanish language instruction. Our objective is to engage  students in a practical learning experience and prepare them to speak Spanish with ease. Our team of instructors is committed to teaching excellence within a friendly atmosphere based on authenticity, respect, understanding and truth.

 Spanish Institute  |  Londonderry Office Park  |  5780 Lincoln Drive, Suite 160  |  (Hwy 169, Londonderry Road exit)  | Minneapolis, MN 55436-1640  |  Tel: 952 933 9940  |  E-mail: dialogos@spanishin.us  |

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