About our Spanish Language Instruction

At the Spanish Institute, we use modern educational methodologies in all our Spanish classes in a friendly and stimulating learning environment. To accelerate learning, instruction is given through full immersion in the Spanish language. The student speaks exclusively in Spanish from the very first day, quickly gaining comfort in understanding, speaking, reading, and writing the language.

Our instructors are professionally trained to teach Spanish as a second language and are passionate about teaching it. Our teaching staff and administrative team work together to create an ambiance that enhances the Spanish learning experience.

The textbooks and workbook materials we use in all our Spanish classes are the most recent editions of effective and well-known methods in Spain and Europe. To ensure successful acquisition of the Spanish language our teaching techniques utilize a communicative approach and encourage the active participation and involvement of the student.
Group Spanish Classes : The Spanish Institute limits group classes to twelve students, allowing instructors to closely guide the individual learning process and maximize learning.

Private Spanish Classes : Students preferring a one-on-one learning environment can take advantage of our private language instruction. Call us for details.

Corporate and Organizational Instruction

Corporations and other institutions can take advantage of our offerings either at the Spanish Institute or at their own locations. We organize Spanish courses specifically designed for companies and institutions according to their objectives and needs.

Beyond the Practical Benefits of Speaking Two Languages

It is evident that speaking two languages has the practical benefit of being able to communicate with people that don’t speak the same language that we do; it also gives access to a wide range of information in the second language, through books, newspapers, magazines, and internet. But there is another advantage that is a powerful incentive to learn a second language. The New York Times explains in a recent article that bilingualism improves cognitive ability beyond that of speaking a second language. Read NY Times article

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