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 Events, Spanish Langauge and Latin Cultural Events

museo  Memorias del Futuro
Present – Jan 11
Minneapolis Institute of Art

Pay a visit to the art museum over the holidays to see “Memorias del Futuro”, an important exhibit documenting the stories of Latinx immigrants in Minnesota, the work of a collaboration with museums, artists, and professors. Free.

 television Maria García Torres: Illusion Brought Me Here
Through Feb 17, 2019
Walker Art Museum, Minneapolis

What is reality? Maria García Torres explores the boundaries between reality and imagination using a multitude of mediums from performance art to sculpture.

 television Tough Trains: Cuba’ Sugar Railroads
Jan 12, 12am on TPT Life
Twin Cities Public Television Broadcast

Take a trek through Cuba’s historic sugar railroads. In the nineteenth century, Cuba dominated sugar exports and as a result built an expansive infrastructure designed to transport sugar. While traversing across the now shaky railroads, beautiful landscapes and captivating stories are sure to abound. Free, on public television.

 television Tough Trains: Bolivia
Jan 25, 12am on TPT Life
Twin Cities Public Television Broadcast

Zip up and down the beautiful, landlocked country of Bolivia on its very own railroad system. Take in the country’s natural wonders ranging from salt flats, mineral beds, and agricultural lands before visiting Bolivia’s various metropolitan centers. Free, on public television.

Lola Arias: Minefield
Jan 31 – Feb 2, 8pm
Walker Art Museum, Minneapolis

War is full of minefields, and the memory of it is no different. Lola Arias’ documentary, Minefield, follows the story of Argentine and British veterans as they remember the horrors and comic moments of the Falklands/Malvinas War of 1982. $30-$24, tickets available online.

 musica Las Cafeteras
March 2, 8pm
The Cedar, Minneapolis

Singing of migrant life in California, Las Cafeteras draws sounds from Mexico but also rock, reggae, hip-hop, among other, in order to bridge their Afro-Mexican and American experiences. $20-18, standing show.

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