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  All our classes are being held on line.
The Skype meeting classes allow to get the real time interactions to practice in class the speaking skill of the Spanish language.

Spanish Immersion Classes and Cultural Programs 

Learn Spanish with us in the Minneapolis area! The Spanish Institute specializes in quality instruction of the Spanish language offering Spanish immersion classes and small group setting. The Institute also offers information on diverse cultural events that convey a rich and lively expression of the language. These events and classes project the culture of the Spanish-speaking countries.

Spanish Language Classes

Everyone, from those who have never been exposed to Spanish to those striving to perfect their use of the language, can take classes at the Spanish Institute. Spanish classes are scheduled for all levels - beginner to advanced. Students will quickly develop and actively employ their language skills to listen, speak, read and write Spanish.

Open house
September 4th
4 to 6 pm  
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 Spanish Institute  |  Londonderry Office Park  |  5780 Lincoln Drive, Suite 160  |  (Hwy 169, Londonderry Road exit)  | Minneapolis, MN 55436-1640  |  Tel: 952 933 9940  |  E-mail: dialogos@spanishin.us  |

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