Private Classes
Take private Spanish lessons one-on-one. Learn at your own pace with the class frequency that you desire.

- Length: from a minimum two hour session per lesson to a full day immersion, you decide the length of each class.
- Frequency: from classes once a week to week-long immersion, you decide the frequency of the lessons.

Individual private lessons are held on line through Skype meeting. Corporate classes can be arranged to take place at a company location within the metro area (see corporate classes ).

Individual one-on-one classes

Program per hour one-on-one
Program per course
30 hours
Annual program,
4 courses

120 hours
Regular classes $70.00 per hour
+ materials

Customized classes
(specialized vocabulary)
$100.00 per hour
+ materials

+$75.27 materials ($70 + sales tax)
montlhy for 10 months

+$75.27 materials ($70 + sales tax)
10 weeks of classes 3 hrs once a week
frequency and length of class TBD
40 weeks of class
3hrs once a week

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