Spanish Course Levels

The Spanish Institute offers Spanish language instruction for all levels, from first-time beginner to advanced and superior Spanish-students who wish to further enrich their Spanish-speaking skills.

Initial Level (A1/1; A1/2; A2/1; A2/2): Acquire basic Spanish conversation skills, read and write daily texts, and be able to express opinions, needs and feelings in Spanish. Progressively acquire the diverse verbal tenses: present, past, future.

Intermediate Level (B1/1; B1/2; B1/3; B1/4): Improve communication skills with an enriched vocabulary and more complex sentences. Start to read Spanish literary texts and express and write more abstract concepts.

Advanced Level (B2/1; B2/2; B2/3; B2/4): Acquire fluency to express yourself in Spanish precisely on a wide variety of subjects. Use and perceive the underlying nuances in written and oral expressions.

Superior Level (C1/1; C1/2; C1/3; C1/4; C1/5): Employ acquired skills creatively. Be well versed in Spanish, read complex texts on classic and contemporary literature or civilization topics and discuss them as deeply as you wish.

Each level (Initial, Intermediate, Advanced) totals 120 hours of classroom training, and is divided into four separate sublevels of 30 hours per course. The Superior level total 150 hours and is divided into five separate sublevels of 30 hours per course.

Levels from The Common European Framework
At the Spanish Institute we follow the guidelines of The Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR). This is the organization from the Council of Europe that sets the reference levels of learning a foreign language. The CEFR describes the stages of the language skills acquisition from beginners to those that master a language: A1 A2 B1 B2 C1 C2.

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